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Massage Therapy and Facials Focused on You

This in-home spa focuses on delivering relaxation and rejuvenation through massage and facials. There are a variety of treatments that are designed to help meet your specific needs.

Massage sessions can include swedish, deep tissue, or medical massage combined with other modalities such as energy work, hot stone massage, and aromatherapy. Facial treatments can be for relaxation or tailored for targeting your problematic skin concerns like acne, aging, pigmentation, or rosacea.

Elfin Spa Fairy is very proud to be the FIRST clinic in Utah to carry Roccoco Botanicals!

Massage Therapy
Energy Work & Reiki

Certified, Licensed, & Trained Professional

Jiny Green

Jiny started her massage therapy training over 15 years ago at the Utah College of Massage Therapy and has over 10 years of experience. She worked in an Upper Cervical Clinic for several years focused on reducing neck pain for her clients, bringing much of her focus into her specialty medical-massage.

She has also worked in a variety of spas, along with a brain injury clinic. All of her experience brings together her love for learning and her unique approach to massage. Jiny brings a high level of skills and techniques that combine relaxation, medical massage, injury recovery, and energy work so that each of her clients has a higher quality of life, with less pain.

Jiny loves to have fun, connect with her clients, and she always brings her eccentric personality. She loves to get to know you and to make every massage fun and helpful experience.

Massage Therapist


Reiki & Energy Work

Master Esthetician


Try the Fairy Massage

Treat Yourself

My approach to massage is designed to bring rejuvenation and recovery to your muscles and to reduce tension, and pain long term. I know that life can be stressful and you deserve to have time to relax, regroup, and reconnect to yourself.

Let me treat you to a magical experience! Dip your toes in and see how it feels. I’ve got you covered for your first time with an automatic discount. Come get a 1-hour massage with all the add-ons (Hot Stone Massage, Essential Oils and More) for 10% off! 

If you would like to buy a massage for a special friend or loved one, please feel free to text 801-234-0805 and I can get that taken care of for you.


What to Expect in a Session with Jiny?

Unique Treatments to Improve Your Wellbeing

Each service is focused on you.

  1. Clients come into the home spa. Together we review how you are doing, feeling, and what areas you think need to be worked on. I also answer any questions you may have about my approach.
  2. I leave the room while you change and get onto the massage table.
  3. I knock and then we start the treatment. For massage, you are always covered unless we are working on a specific area or muscle group.
  4. I always enjoy getting to know my clients with a good conversation, and I am also happy to have minimal conversation if that is what you need.
  5. Once the session is over I leave the room, while you change, then I knock and come back into the room to see how you are feeling, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  6. Lastly, we review any post-care suggestions, answer any questions you have and process your payment, reschedule for next time and go on our merry ways.

Services and Pricing

  • Try the Fairy Massage or Facial —  Any 1 Hour plus 10% off 
  • Warm Hug Fairy Massage — 1 Hour plus $100+
  • Halp! Fairy Massage  — 1 Hour plus $100+
  • Fairy Energy Session  —  1 Hour plus $80+
  • Seasonal Fairy Facial — 1 Hour plus $100+
  • Fairy Facial — 1 Hour plus $100+


What They Say


Magical massage with enlightening happy conversation. I have been a client for many years with many more to come.


Best massage EVER! I can’t thank you enough. <3 <3<3<3 <3<3


Jiny did some amazing energy work on my body and used the hot stones in such a lovely and unique way! I highly recommend her.


I can’t get the $300 massages in Las Vegas anymore when I’m out for business trips (because they aren’t as good as the massages here).


Jiny’s experience in medical massage shines in each one of her therapies. She pays close attention to her client’s needs and personalizes each massage according to those needs, adding hot stones, essential oils, and other therapies to improve the outcome. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist!


Jiny is an excellent massage therapist and has a lot of experience. I have never received a sub-par massage and have been seeing her for over a year now. Great massage as always.


Jiny is the best. I have back issues with herniated disc’s the medical treatment she provides is outstanding. I also drive 45 min one way.


Great release, physically and emotionally. I needed it. She knew exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Relax. Recover. Refocus.

Treat Yourself to Needed Rest & Relaxation